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Safety Architect

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Safety Architect allows the risk analysis of complex systems by automatically generating FMEA and corresponding fault trees from their functional or physical architecture.

The advantages of Safety Architect

Graphical propagation of failure modes

Generation of fault trees and FMEA tables

Customization by business domain

Interfaces with modelers and fault tree tools


Models imports

Import your existing models to ease the start of your safety analyses. Systems models using standard tools such as MagicDraw, Rhapsody or Papyrus are directly importable. Stronger integration is also available for Rational System Architect (RSA) and Capella, allowing safety data to be re-exported to enhance system representation.

Methodological guide

Easily take in hands the concepts and analysis process recommended by Safety Architect by following the different steps proposed: from the creation of feared events to the overall propagation of system failures. For each of them, the corresponding activities and diagrams are directly accessible.

Graphical analysis

Modelise graphically your system or import it directly. The safety analysis can then be performed locally in leaf blocks. For each, a dedicated graphical representation defines the dysfunctional behaviour of the block, the barriers and the failures effects.

Automatic global propagation

Launch a failure propagation in your system. Based on the identified feared events and the local analyses of each block, this step simulates failures in the system to generate fault trees leading to the feared events.

Monitoring and metrics

Monitor the evolution of your analysis in real time through dedicated metrics. Visualize the progress of local analyses on your blocks by point of view while keeping a representation of the rest to be done to finalize the analysis of your system.

Reports and fault trees

Generate your complete reports, exportable in PDF or Word, to facilitate the sharing of your results. Create fault trees corresponding to your analysis and export them to dedicated tools, such as FaultTree+, or to OpenPSA format.


Naval Group carries out most of its risk analyses of combat systems with Safety Architect.
It has been in use since 2010 and Naval group is used to work with it.
The strengths of the tool? Its interfaces with modeling tools,
the time saved on analysis rework and its ease of use.
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Safety Architect

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