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Benefit from the strength of the EBIOS 2010 and EBIOS RM methods, promoted by ANSSI,
and implement them easily through our tools.

Who are we?

RiskOversee is a brand of ALL4TEC, which develops and distributes risk analysis tools in the field of cybersecurity and operational safety.

Cyber Architect and Agile Risk Manager are risk analysis and management tools that support the EBIOS and EBIOS Risk Manager standards promoted by ANSSI.

Safety Architect implements the main safety analysis methods (HAZOP, FTA, FMEA, FMEDA) to enable safety analysis in the development of critical systems in areas such as automotive, aerospace or industrial equipment.

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Cyber Architect

Cyber Architect

Cyber Architect is a software based on the EBIOS 2010 method to perform security analyses on complex systems. Integrating various standards such as NIST or PSSIE, Cyber Architect assists you in the conduct of your security analyses.

  • EBIOS 2010 compatibility
  • Data imports
  • Tabular representations
  • Attack trees
Logo Agile Risk Manager

Agile Risk Manager

Agile Risk Manager is a software for risk assessment and management which implements the EBIOS Risk Manager method promoted by ANSSI. It offers the possibility to create, customize and enrich knowledge bases, perform risk analyses and build attack graphs directly.

  • EBIOS Risk Manager certification
  • Graphical visualisations
  • Monitoring and metrics
  • Reports and exports
Logo Safety Architect

Safety Architect

Safety Architect is a software allowing the risk analysis of complex systems by automatically generating FMEA(C) and corresponding fault trees from their functional or physical architecture.

  • Tools up HAZOP, FTA, FMEA, etc.
  • Graphical analysis and fault trees
  • Models import
  • Reports and exports


The use of Cyber Architect software has enabled us to save time and effort quickly and immediately in our risk analysis teams. Its easy handling and customization facilities were decisive to trigger its deployment.
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RSSI manager
During our call for projects for the tooling of our EBIOS Risk Manager method, we had the pleasure to receive the Agile Risk Manager candidature. The tool is very promising and we are starting its evaluation for a label.
Method expert
Logo Safety Architect
Naval Group carries out its risk analyses of combat systems with Safety Architect. The strengths of the tool? Its interfaces with modeling tools, the time saved on analysis rework and its ease of use.
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Ingénieur Safety
Naval Group


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