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Agile Risk Manager

Tools up

Your EBIOS RM analysis

Benefit from the strength of the EBIOS Risk Manager method, promoted by ANSSI,
and implement it easily through our tool.

Agile Risk Manager advantages

First tool certified by ANSSI for EBIOS RM

Risk management and monitoring by cycle

Agile & collaborative

Easy and sharable customisation

Customisable reports and metrics

First solution labelled by ANSSI

The Agile Risk Manager software has been developed in partnership with ANSSI for the tooling of its EBIOS Risk Manager method. ANSSI organizes a process to ensure that recognized solutions are consistent with the implementation of its method and Agile Risk Manager has been officially certified since June 04, 2019.

The label was delivered directly by Guillaume Poupard during the CyberFestival marking the 10th anniversary of ANSSI.

Label EBIOS Risk Manager

Agile Risk Manager presentation

Application example


During our call for projects for the tooling of our EBIOS Risk Manager method,
we had the pleasure to receive the Agile Risk Manager software candidature.
The tool is very promising, perfectly covers the standard, and we are currently
evaluating it for the EBIOS Risk Manager certification.
Method expert


Agile Risk Manager

Evaluation version available !

Cyber Architect

Cyber Architect

Are you already carrying out EBIOS 2010 analyses? Cyber Architect can assist you in performing and resuming these analyses.
As a complementary tool to Agile Risk Manager, they both can be used alone or together as a complete software suite.

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